Optical axyograph Proaxis

Electronic axyograph allows to obtain individual data on the movements of the lower jaw. This helps the doctor to analyze the disorders that have occurred as a result of problems with the bite, to determine the new correct position for the lower jaw. The technique of electronic axyography allows you to get any parameters for programming additional equipment in the manufacture of orthopedic structures.

Equipment specification

Axyograph Proaxis, electronic front arc, 3d stand, side markers

Abilities of the software

  • Axyography (unlimited functionality).
  • Uploading of CBCT data.
  • Uploading of virtual models.
  • Ability to combine models and trajectories (visualization, playback of trajectories).
  • Spatial positioning of lower jaw.
  • Visualization of the model displacement taking into account the bite register.
  • Uploading photos.
  • Export / import of information.
  • Unloading models (Exocad, Zirkonzahn, InLab, Ceramill). Considered to the given articulat
  • Uploading virtual models according to CBCT data to virtual articulators.
  • Plaster models in the articulator according to CBCT.
  • Unloading trajectories in Exocad (XML format).
  • Individual algorithm of working with models. Models can be mixed in any individual direction (trajectories, linear displacements).
  • The possibility to displace a model and stabilize this position as the initial one.
  • Comprehensive analysis of CBCT + virtual models + axyography data.
  • Segmentation (separation) of the mandible on CBCT, analysis of displacement of articular heads.

A versatile set to work with articulators.

Electronic front arc + 3D stand-the use of this equipment allows you to cast the model in any mechanical articulator, taking into account the individual parameters of the dentoalveolar system.

Electronic facial arc carries out the transfer of virtual models in virtual articulators programs exocad, zirkonzahn, ceramill.