This program uses the author's algorithm of craniometric analysis, which allows to calculate the issues with the symmetry of the face. This program allows you to plan any dental treatment associated with the restoration of the bite.

Result of treatment

The results of treatment can be shown in advance to the doctor and the patient, namely what changes in the face will occur during treatment. The program uses a comprehensive analysis of this CBCT, face scan, trajectories of the lower jaw, virtual models. According to the results of researches, the doctor receives information (STL files), step by step steps to restore the correct bite.

The phenomenon of tooth enamel abrasion

The speed of changes in the ratios in the geometry of the skull depends on the speed of abrasion of tooth enamel, Professor Leontiev studied the phenomenon of abrasion of tooth enamel, and found experimentally that with each meal tooth enamel is erased by a certain amount, after restoring the PH of saliva of the mouth, tooth enamel is restored to a different certain value, the paradox is that the ratio of changes in the direction of abrasion of tooth enamel is unchanged. The support of the temporomandibular joint, these are teeth, they are erased “sagging”, the head of the joint, by means of chewing muscles, begins to exert slight pressure on the walls of the articular mound of the temporal bone, the vector of force is aimed at expanding the face, the purpose of this mechanism is to relieve tension and from the temporal and ethmoid bones of the skull on which the “sits the medulla oblongata”, the system itself comes to balance at a new level ... in the phenomenon of erasability of tooth enamel is a mechanism for controlling the speed of changes in the geometry and facial parameters and the skull and the human brain. Programming the result of treatment, and achieving the programmed result ... the patient on the computer screen could see the changes in the geometric proportions of the shape of his face and smile in the mirror, before the treatment: this requires the data ”craniological passport of the patient”

  • Skull CT
  • scan, and the ratio of dentition
  • Axyogram
  • face scan

This will help to control and restore the ideal shape for the patient's teeth, dentition, trajectories of the tmj, the geometric shape of the face and skull.

The ideal ratio of the two values gives a perfect mirror image without distortion.